3D Transmitters: Sony AD025-RF-S3 External 3D RF Emitter


Deze meer compacte RF 3D Emitter is een mooi alternatief op de grotere 3D Emitter met Mini Jack aansluiting of 3D VESA. voor de Sony 3D projectors, zoals de Sony VPL-XW7000ES

Sony AD025-RF-S3 External 3D RF Emitter:

Type of Synchronization: Radio Frequency (RF)
3D Synchronization Protocol In: VESA Stereo
3D Synchronization Protocol Out: FHD3D RF protocol
Shuttering Frequency: 96 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, 192 Hz and 240 Hz
High Frequency Rate (HFR): Yes
Reverse Sync function: No (must be reversed in projector’s settings if needed
User Interface: Sync LED
Mounting Option: Rubberized legs for positioning on a flat surface
onnector/Cable Type: male Mini-DIN-3 (VESA Stereo) on 2,4m long cable
Coverage Range: Operating/Sync distance: approx. 5m (approx. 3m if on ground) / Pairing distance: 1m
Setup: Plug&Play;
Dimensions: 102,6 × 55,5 × 25,5 mm, 76,5 g
Axcesories: EU/UK Power Supply with Mono Jack 3,5mm and Mini-DIN 3 (VESA Stereo) connector
Compatible with projector: Sony VPL-XW7000ES
Prijs: €725 Externe RF 3D Transmitter
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